Board of Directors

Port of Salalah is a publically traded company listed on the Muscat Securities Market.

The Board of Directors comprises of six members and is responsible for the Management of the Company’s business. The Board’s role, functions and responsibilities are clearly defined. In addition to its primary role of monitoring corporate performance, the functions of the Board also include:

  • Approving corporate vision, mission and objectives
  • Establishing and approving the formulation of strategic business plans
  • Reviewing and approving financial plans and budgets
  • Monitoring corporate performance
  • Compliance of laws and regulations
  • Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

Composition of the Board of Directors as on December 31, 2013 is as follows:

Name Category
H.E. Ahmed Bin Nasser Al Mahrizi Non-executive, non-independent, nominated
Mr. Ali Mohammed Redha Non-executive, non-independent, nominated
Mr. Hartmut Goeritz Non-executive, non-independent & elected
Mr. Tiemen Geerts Meester Non-executive, non-independent & elected
Sheikh Braik Musallam Al Amri Non-executive, independent & elected
Brig. Sultan Saif Saud Al Alkhzami Non-executive, independent & elected
Board of Directors profile

H.E. Ahmed Bin Nasser Al Mahrizi is Chairman of the Company and joined the Board on 4th August, 2013. He is the Minister of Tourism Government of Oman and previously held position of Chief of Eastern Europe, European Department of Oman Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ambassador to Algeria and non-resident Ambassador to Ghana, Gabon, Burkina Faso and Niger; Ambassador to Kazakhstan and non-resident Ambassador to Kirghizia and Ambassador to the French Republic and non-resident Ambassador to Portugal.

Mr. Ali Mohammed Redha is Deputy Chairman of the Company and joined the Board of the Company during 2010. He has done Masters in Accounting and Development Finance from the University of Birmingham and has more than twenty years of experience. He has held many senior positions in the government. He also holds directorship positions in manufacturing, banking and service sector companies.

Mr. Goeritz Hartmut is head of Hub Terminals Portfolio of APM Terminals He has more than thirty years of international experience in shipping and Port operations and has worked at various locations in different parts of the world. He is an inspirational leader with a strategic vision and has the ability to lead organizations by setting up continuous improvement and long term business sustainability.

Mr. Tiemen Geerts Meester is a Dutch national who currently is Vice President Business Implementation, APM Terminals. He is a maritime graduate with advanced qualifications from Cornell, Columbia and Harvard. He has been the director of the Company for more than 5 years. He was the CEO of Port of Salalah from 2005 until 2007. He has had an extensive global career in shipping and port management having worked in managerial positions for the AP Moller Maersk Group in Russia, Pakistan and Oman as well as executive responsibility of the region West and Central Asia and Eastern Europe. In 2007, he was appointed Chief Commercial Officer of APM Terminals, in 2008 was named Vice President for Human Resources and Labor Relations.

Sheikh Braik Musallam Al Amri joined the Board in March 2013. He has done Masters in Business Administration and has a management experience of more than 17 years. He is an Engineer and has also done diploma from Lloyds Maritime Academy. He has been engaged with the Port of Salalah for about 10 years. He has a very good exposure of the business and international practices, presently engaged with financial services sector.

Brig. Sultan Saif Saud Al Alkhzami joined the Board in March 2013. Presently he is Director General Administration and Human Resources in Secretary General's Office Ministry of Defense. He is Masters in Business Administration and has held many senior positions in Finance, administration and human resources in Royal Air Force of Oman.